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Roomba s9 vs. Roomba 960: Which One Should You Buy?

Final Updated on July 1st, 2019 by Natalia Bickell

Lots of people thought that it will take a while before iRobot might come out with a robotic vacuum to prime the Roomba i7+. With the power to wash its own dustbin, the Roomba i7+ was already on the prime of the vacuum meals chain. For those who ask us, that is fairly a troublesome act to comply with.

Nevertheless, in Might 2019, iRobot showed us that they are proper on monitor with the discharge of the Roomba s9. There isn’t a new know-how, strictly speaking, however iRobot improved loads of issues. What was beforehand highly effective is now much more highly effective, leaving your property cleaner when you do nothing. Or a minimum of not much.

Roomba s9

The Roomba s9 retains the three-stage cleaning system that Roomba robotic vacuums are recognized for. It uses the twin multi-surface rubber brushes as the primary brush, a nook brush, and extra highly effective suction.

The new vacuuming know-how is 40 occasions as powerful as the one you find on the company’s Collection 600 fashions. And if that isn’t enough, you’ll be able to turn on the Energy Increase function that can improve the suction much more. This function is superb in case you are cleansing rugs and carpets. Now dust and mud can not disguise.

Good Edge Know-how

The most important shock on the subject of the Roomba s9 is the form. It does not have the acquainted round shape that the Roomba household is understood for. As an alternative, it has more of a D shape, like Neato Robotics’ D-series robot vacuums.

The Roomba s9 has a squarish design on three sides while its again half is rounded. These flat sides permit the S9 to sidle up nearer to walls and edges than the earlier spherical Roombas. There are numerous sensors that work to maintain it protected from bumping into partitions.

What’s extra, the nook brush sweeps particles into the trail of the S9.

vSLAM navigation and Imprint Sensible Mapping

The Roomba s9 scans your floors and creates maps of each room. It will possibly then store these maps. As such, you’ll be able to control which rooms it cleans and even arrange totally different schedules. This manner, you’ll be able to maintain your whole residence spic and span by scheduling extra vacuuming for top visitors areas, whereas cleaning the less-used rooms much less incessantly.

You can even identify the maps of your room so as to inform your Roomba s9 to wash a selected area. As an example, you possibly can ask it to wash the masters’ bedroom or “hubby’s home office.” The excellent news is that the Roomba s9 works with both Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you need to use voice instructions with it.

High-Efficiency Filter

The Roomba s9 makes use of a high-efficiency filter that keeps mud and filth inside the dustbin as an alternative of recirculating them back into the air. The filter additionally makes it ultimate for houses with numerous pets. It might lure all these pet hair and dander, so you should not have to cope with them!

Wider Primary Brush

The Roomba s9 has dimensions of 12.25 inches extensive and three.50 inches high. It was that Roombas measured from 8.0 inches to inches. The broader measurements of the Roomba s9 signifies that it will possibly accommodate a wider brush.

True sufficient, the twin multi-surface rubber brushes that you simply see on this robotic vacuum is 30 % wider than the ones you see on Roomba’s 600 collection fashions. That signifies that the robot can sweep and clean a much bigger space in a single move.

Moreover, the Roomba s9 has an adjustable cleansing head. This function helps the primary brush to stay in direct contact together with your flooring, permitting it to dislodge filth and mud while helping the vacuum work much less to suck all of it up. It may well go from hardwood floors to carpeted areas, and the cleansing head will regulate itself routinely.

Imprint Hyperlink

The Roomba s9 also comes with the Imprint Hyperlink know-how that permits it to work together with your Braava jet m6. In case you own each of those units, you possibly can have them vacuum and mop together without you doing anything.

Other Technologies

The Roomba s9 retains a number of the technologies and options that you’ve come to like in earlier Roombas. For one, it connects to your Wi-Fi community and lets you operate the robot utilizing the companion cellular app. You also can schedule cleaning occasions utilizing the app.

The Roomba s9 may also discover its approach back to the charging base when the batteries run low. When it finishes replenishing the lithium-ion battery, it’s going to launch itself off the charging dock and mechanically resume cleaning the place it left off.

Scores for the Roomba s9

The Roomba s9 receives a mean score of four.6 stars out of 5.0 on the iRobot online retailer and on It will get a lower score of three.6 stars out of 5.0 rating on Amazon.

What You Would Like Concerning the Roomba s9

iRobot appears to be bent on introducing robot vacuums that clear better and have more powerful suction than its previous collection. The Roomba s9 doesn’t disappoint. The highly effective vacuum motor on this gadget can make your rugs seem like new. Reviewers have been amazed at how properly it cleans, and even those with pets who shed are impressed.

Its D-shape additionally helps the S9 clear corners and edges higher than the previous fashions. The mapping function works excellently as nicely. The Alexa and Google Assistant integration can also be seamless.

One other space where the Roomba s9 helps is in making sure that your home is clear without you having to touch it. You only have to empty out its dustbin, however all the things else runs on schedule. Or you’ll be able to just use the cellular app or voice commands to have it start cleansing. It additionally recharges and resumes working mechanically.

General, it’s straightforward to be impressed by the Roomba s9.

What Can Be Higher

The Roomba s9 is way from good, though. Probably the most talked about ache level is that it takes a while for the robot vacuum to get accustomed to your home. For the primary few days, you will want to babysit it because it figures out its new surroundings. It does get higher as soon as it will get housebroken. However that might be annoying especially since it costs $1,000.

Another ache point is the noise. The Roomba s9 is a moderately noisy worker and most people who have tried it out complain about it. The Roomba s9 is loud even when it really works at its regular degree, and it could possibly cause a ruckus when the Power Increase mode is activated. What’s extra, even at its quietest, the Roomba s9 can’t hold silent.

This robotic vacuum does not empty its personal dustbin. For that, you’ll need to spend a further $300 to purchase the Clean Base. In case you are primarily in search of a robotic vacuum that can empty its personal dustbin, the Roomba i7+ might be your greatest guess, and it’d even be cheaper than the Roomba s9.

The Roomba s9 vs. the Roomba s9+

Earlier than we finish with the Roomba s9, we understand that lots of people are interested in the Roomba s9+, as nicely.  The distinction between these two is that the Roomba s9+ ships with the Clean Base. This system allows the Roomba s9+ to dump its own dustbin in order that you’ll not have to fret about it for no less than a month. The Roomba s9 is the robotic vacuum mannequin used within the Roomba s9+.

To make it easier to recollect.  The Roomba s9 is the robot vacuum.  But in case you avail of each the Roomba s9 and the Clear Base, the package deal known as Roomba s9+, and it sells for $1,299.99.

You can purchase the Clear Base separately for $349.99. Because of this you get to save lots of $50 should you buy the Roomba s9+ slightly than shopping for the robot vacuum and the Clear Base separately.

Roomba 960

We will hear some individuals flinching due to the Roomba s9’s worth. We additionally understand that not everyone wants or needs all the new features provided by Roomba s9. Properly, no need to worry because iRobot does have more reasonably priced robots in its current line-up.

The Roomba 960 is among the company’s lowest priced robots, selling for anyplace from $450 to $700. Even with its mid-range pricing, the Roomba 960 nonetheless has a whole lot of nifty features.

The Roomba 960 has the company’s three-stage cleaning system with a vacuum energy that is equal to five occasions of the suction you see on Roomba’s collection 600 models. It uses dual multi-surface rubber brushes that mechanically modify to stay in close contact with the ground.

iAdapt Navigation

The Roomba 960 makes use of the iAdapt navigation with visible localization to help it know the place it is and where to go next. The iAdapt creates a map of the room where the robotic vacuum is cleansing. It additionally has a variety of sensors that hold it from colliding into furnishings legs and walls.

The iAdapt 2.0 navigation additionally permits the robot vacuum to renew cleaning after charging.

Wi-Fi Related

The Roomba 960 came out at a time when there were very few rivals that additionally provided Wi-Fi connectivity. This function allows the Roomba 960 to hook up with the Web with the intention to operate your robot vacuum using the companion cellular app.

Except for that, the Roomba 960 is suitable with Amazon Alexa and Google Assitant. Go ahead, inform it to start out, pause, or stop cleansing just through the use of voice instructions!

Scores of the Roomba 960

The Roomba 960 will get a really excessive score on, getting 4.6 stars out of 5.0. It also gets a really excessive evaluation of 4.1 stars out of from close to 1,800 clients on Amazon. On the company’s own online retailer, the Roomba 960 has a mean score of 4.5 stars out of 5.0.

What You Would Like Concerning the Roomba 960

It’s straightforward to see why individuals fee this robotic vacuum extremely. On the time of its launch, the Roomba 960 was the reasonably priced model of the corporate’s flagship model, the Roomba 980. It has all of the features that the costlier 980 has, apart from the carpet increase and a few options on the cellular app.

However, the Roomba 960 delivers a very efficient clean, and it is likely one of the most advisable robotic vacuums for many who wrestle with pet hair at house. Additionally it is fairly priced, contemplating its Wi-Fi connectivity, Alexa integration, and navigation know-how.

More importantly, it keeps your floors clear with out you worrying about it an excessive amount of. The Roomba 960 additionally has all the features that folks have come to like about Roombas typically: the spherical form, the aspect brush, the high-efficiency filter, auto recharge, auto-resume, dust detect know-how, and the three-stage cleaning system.

What Can Be Better

There are only a few reasons to hate the Roomba 960, and a lot of the complaints are extra of a wish listing for something which may have been good to have. For example, individuals wished that the dustbin is a bit greater. Others do not like the lengthy recharging time, the noise it makes, or how it typically misses spots.

Comparing the Roomba s9 and the Roomba 960

So how does the Roomba 960 stay as much as the Roomba s9? First, these two models have a whole lot of similarities. They are both Roombas in any case. Probably the most apparent is using the three-stage cleaning system. Both fashions use a principal brush, a aspect brush, and a strong vacuum to send all of the filth and mud into the dust bin.

These fashions also use lithium-ion batteries. They will recharge themselves when their battery runs low and then resume working once that’s finished. One other Roomba signature know-how current in both models is the filth detect know-how that seeks out the dirtier areas of the floor and tells the robotic vacuum to spend extra time there.

Each models also use visible localization. Wi-Fi connectivity can also be a shared characteristic. Because of this both the Roomba 960 and S9 could also be operated using voice instructions or by way of the companion cellular app.

These models additionally use the high-efficiency filter that makes it a super selection for householders who’ve to wash tons of pet hair.

Where They Differ

The Roomba s9 is round $400 costlier than the Roomba 960. Is it well worth the larger price ticket?

By the time the Roomba s9 was launched, the Roomba 960 is already a three-year-old gadget. As such, you possibly can anticipate some issues to be totally different.

For one, the Roomba s9 exhibits a departure from the previous round Roomba robots. The D-shaped design permits the S9 to get closer to partitions. As such, it needs a nook brush as an alternative of the edge-sweeping brush you see on the Roomba 960.

The broader dimension of the S9 additionally means it has room to accommodate an extended principal brush. The Roomba s9 may also clean or schedule by room and is suitable with the Roomba Clear Base, which can permit it to empty the dustbin by itself.

It additionally has the Energy Increase function and the Imprint Hyperlink know-how. Nevertheless, probably the most vital difference between these two is that the Roomba s9 has a vacuuming power that is effectively eight occasions as highly effective because the one you see in the Roomba 960.

Roomba s9 vs. Roomba 960: A Aspect-by-Aspect Comparison

To make it simpler for you to examine these two Roomba robots, here is a side-by-side comparison:

Model Roomba s9 Roomba 960
Three-Stage Cleansing System Sure Yes
Suction energy in comparison with Collection 600 Roombas 40x 5x
Auto-recharge Yes Sure
Auto-resume Sure Yes
Dust detect know-how Yes Sure
vSLAM® Advanced Navigation Sure Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Managed from app Yes Sure
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Dual Multi-Floor Rubber Brushes Sure Yes
Aspect brush Nook brush Edge-sweeping brush
High-Efficiency Filter Yes Sure
Whole degree cleaning Sure Sure
Protection maps Yes Sure
Clear or schedule by room Sure No
Imprint Link Know-how Sure No
Can Empty Own Mud Bin No No
Deeper cleaning on carpets Yes No
PerfectEdge Know-how Sure No

Roomba s9 vs. Roomba 960: Which One Should You Purchase?

The Roomba s9 has an improved set of options and technologies when in comparison with the Roomba 960. For one, it’s suitable with iRobot’s Clear Base, which can empty the dustbin. It also has the Imprint Link know-how. In each instances, nevertheless, you will want to spend more to get the Clean Base or a Braava M6 to take pleasure in these features.

It does have stronger suction power, it could possibly do per room cleansing and scheduling, and it provides your carpets a more thorough cleaning. This model is right for many who do not thoughts spending cash to get a more highly effective cleaning and has a large carpeted area or a number of pets at residence.

The Roomba 960 is clearly the right selection for many who are budget-conscious however nonetheless need a Wi-Fi related robot vacuum that may clear efficiently. When you have more hardwood flooring at house, then you definitely may do higher with a Roomba 960 and save.

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